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12. July 2013 10:38
by Rachel

2 Month Well Baby Visit

12. July 2013 10:38 by Rachel | 2 Comments

Today, I weighed 10 lbs 3 ounces (20th %) and I was 22 inches long (37th %). I was a little under the weight they were expecting, so they had Mommy feed me and weighed me again to make sure I am getting enough milk from her. I weighed 2.5 ounces more, so they were happy with that. Now she just has to feed me non stop for 2 weeks and we'll go back for a weigh-in. I got out of my shots until next time. Everything else looks right on track. They said I can stand if I want to, which is good news because all I want to do is stand and look around!

Here is my brother doing the same thing, but at his 4 month well baby visit...


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Ya Ya

Wow! You and your brother look so much alike (you both are the most adorable babies ever)!! Ava you sure are strong! xoxo


I think Ava wins in the hair dept.   Lol    she has just a tad more!!

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