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9. October 2013 23:48
by Rachel

Ava Monthly - 5 Months

9. October 2013 23:48 by Rachel | 0 Comments

Lately, I really like scooting around on the floor and can get away from my designated blanket area all on my own (and pretty quickly too!). I went for a weigh-in today and sadly, I only gained 6 ounces in 6 weeks and dropped from the 15th % to the 2nd % (12 lbs 1 ounce), so my doctor said I could start cereal a little early. I grew almost another inch in the 6 weeks and the doctor said I am ahead of all of my milestones. She thinks I burn too many calories because I am such an overachiever and do hours of tummy time per day, not just the 20 minutes suggested for my age. I like to babble a lot and say Ma Ma. 


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