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4. July 2013 15:12
by Rachel

Ava Monthly - 8 Weeks

4. July 2013 15:12 by Rachel | 4 Comments

I like to eat a lot and I like a lot of attention. I don't like to be put down, so I spend a lot of time thrown over Daddy's shoulder like a sack of flour. People think I need the snuggles, but I am really just trying to get the best view of things because I am very nosy. I like to chat with Mommy during diaper changes and I have been working on my smile quite a bit.

I am still the strongest baby ever, and I've been fine tuning my head holding. Check out this head turned, almost wink for the camera...

and some more smile practice...

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Ya Ya

Are you saying that you're "high maintenance" Ava?? Well, if so, you're totally worth it, I mean, just look at that smile..you should insure it for a million bucks, it's so beautiful!! xoxo

Ya Ya

Happy 4th and Happy 8 weeks!!


Are you flirting Ava?  Too cute

Auntie Becca

Awww Ava!!! You're such a posh little cupcake!! Xo

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