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22. October 2013 23:20
by Rachel

Sitting Up Myself

22. October 2013 23:20 by Rachel | 3 Comments

Look! No Hands!! Yes, I can officially sit up without propping myself up with my hands.

Don't my brother and I look adorable? Mommy ended up throwing the camera down during this photoshoot because Enzo decided to eject me off his lap once his 15 seconds of camera time were up. He said, "I pushed baby Ava off of me because I was interested in the silk worm." (a purple squishy toy about 2 feet away). Because I am such a light weight, I went flying through the air and Mommy tossed the camera to catch me before I ended up on one of the bookshelves. Yikes!

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You are both so darn cute-----Nonna loves you "guys" so much!

Ya Ya

Wow Ava, you are amazing sitting up on your own...no wonder Enzo thought it was okay to push you off of him, he probable thought you could just walk away, lol! Too cute!!

Ya Ya

Oh yeah, and just what do you think you're doing standing up Miss Ava??? You are growing up way too quick!! xoxo

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